Dubai - things to do and hotels to stay in

Hi from Dubai! It's like very hot here at the moment, about 33°C. We're staying here for ten days. I've been here several times, so I know a lot of good places and things to do! 
First, don't visit Dubai in summer. You'll melt because of the heath! Like 50°C, I couldn't stand that haha. For me, the best time to come is in spring, April/May, or autumn, September/October. The temperature is about 30 to 35°C then, I like that. 

Very important: Make sure to bring some warm clothes for the shopping malls, because it's freezing cold inside. They like AC very much (me not). 

Hotels to stay in
Madinat Mina A'Salam

My fave! I love this hotel. It's very very very clean and the rooms are precious. You'll not get enough of the beach. There are like beds and you can lie there like all day haha. 

You can use several pools. If you wanna have some fun, there is the Wild Wadi Waterpark, which you can use for free as a hotel guest. The view from the beach is lovely as well! You can see the Burj Al Arab and the sea is heavenly. 

At night, you can go and have dinner at the Souk, you reach that with some boats, and there you can go shopping as well. Looks traditional, I liked it a lot. 
Btw the food is very good. 

Atlantis The Palm
This one has got a Waterpark too! Again, very good food, very clean, friendly people. Seeing the big aquarium is really worth it! 

Jumeirah Beach Hotel
This one is next to the Mina A'Salam and the Burj Al Arab. Again, like the others, everything perfect! I think this one has the most beautiful rooms I ever had. 
Free access to the Wild Wadi Park as well. 

Hilton (The Beach) 
I loved this one beacause, not like the others, you are in the centre (Dubai Marina). It's at "The Beach" where you can go shopping, eating, everything. There are a lot of activities to do. 

Amwaj Rotana
This hotel is great if you don't want to spend a lot of money on hotels, so that you can spend it on other stuff (like shopping haha). It's in the centre of Marina and The Beach too. 
Things to do
Definitely The Beach! As I said, a lot of restaurants, bars, shops, activities. It's great if you just want to stroll around. 

The Dubai Mall: Biggest shopping mall of the world! Oh yeah, it's really big. I've lost myself like 5 times while I was searching for a shop. But there's everything you can imagine! You can even go ice skating. If you're there, don't miss the Dubai Fountaines (especially at night), right next to the Burj Khalifa. 

The Burj Khalifa: Not a thing for everybody. It's like really high, and the elevator goes up like 700 meters in one minute. The view is great! If you aren't afraid of heights, it'll be reslly worth it. Notice: you should buy the tickets online and a few days before, if not, you'll have no chance to go up because it's sold out. 

Emirates Mall: Another big shopping mall, where you can go skiing. It's funny to see, but I never went skiing there. I have the swiss mountains at home, 1000 times better than artificial snow. 

Dubai Marina: There's a Yacht Club where you can eat lovely food! Really nice. Marina is your thing if you like looking at amazing ships and yachts, and take a walk or go jogging there. 

Dubai has got a lot more things to show, these were only a few of my favorite things. It's a really nice city, with amazingly friendly people and everything is clean. If you like a lot of luxus, this is the place to be for you - don't miss it!

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  1. Was für tolle Eindrücke ! :)

  2. Stunning pictures and tips, seems like you had a wonderful trip!


  3. Lovely post dear! Have a great week! xx

  4. Richtig tolle Eindrücke und sicherlich auch gute Vorschläge wenn man plant bald dort hin zu reisen:) Irgendwann möchte ich auch unbedingt mal nach Dubai, dieses Jahr muss Köln erstmal reichen:D
    liebe Grüße, Lea♥

    1. dankeschön! musst du umbedingt mal machen:) köln ist sicher auch toll!

  5. Oh, bei deinen tollen Bildern vermisse ich die Zeit, in der ich in Dubai war auch total. Super schöner Post!

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  7. ein schöner post :) und tolle bilder!

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  9. Die Fotos sind ja alle sehr toll geworden, da wird man ja glatt neidisch ! ♥

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  10. Looks amazing and thanks for the great tips!



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