Hello everybody!
We were in Lucerne today, the weather was precious and so is this city. I fell in love with the lake and the view at the mountains. It's lovely to see this contrast between summer in the city and winter on the snowy mountains. 

First, we were strolling around in the historic city. Later we had some food at the riverside and then we just hung on some kind of footbridge and enjoyed the weather. Unfortunately the weather will change next week, we'll have to go trough some rain again, yay.

We filmed our trip to Lucerne with our Gopro, the video is coming soon, in the next blogpost! If you want you can take a look at our previous video from Tossa, you can see it in the last post. 

Here some pictures we took today (of me, haha):

I hope you enjoyed this post! If you want to see the video in the next post, then leave a comment!
xx Franci


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