what I did in Barcelona

Hi there!
Finally I got to take some pictures again. This time in Basel (yeah, my fave city!).
My life's a little mess atm, I'm going to have my final exams in a couple weeks.. Anyways, I found some time to go on a trip again, I went to Barcelona last week with a good friend of mine. Everything was perfect - especially the weather. (Scroll down for some tips!) My budget was reeeally tiny because I'm planing a big journey with my boyfriend this August. But here's what I got (Barcelona is great for some shopping..):

This really really awesome Levi's top! I've been in love with this piece from the moment I saw it in the shopwindow.. It also took me a long time to finally buy these Vans. I've liked them for a long time, but never bought them.. They were sold out in Barcelona in nearly EVERY shop! I found them in a Foot Locker like one hour before we had to go to the airport to go home and then I've decided that I had to have them. And now they're mine! Love them.

I'd like to give you some tips for your next trip to Barcelona! So..

1. Definitely shopping.. But don't just focus on the "big streets". There are awesome shops hidden in the alleys. And by the way the alleys look lovely.

2. If you're going to Park Güell (which is really nice), don't forget to buy a ticket in advance.. We have been there and they were like "Sorry, we're sold out until Thursday" (and we went on a Monday).. yup. Nice.

3. Same for the Sagrada Familia! We didn't knew that everything was going to be sold out. Important: Buy your tickets in advance online!!!

4. I liked the Cathedral a lot. It's beautiful! But take care, there are a lot of thieves.. Luckily nothing has been stolen from me.

5. Hotel tip: La casa de Antonio Boutique. Small but comfy, and very clean! It's located near the Ramblas.. so it's situated in the centre. Check it out.

6. Rent a bike and explore the town by bike!

7. I'm not a very big soccer fan.. But even for non-soccer-fans a Camp Nou visit is worth it. Believe me, it's huge.

8. Don't forget.. the beach! It's too cold to go for a swim in April, but I think if you're going in summer a little bath would be refreshing ;) And what I really liked about la Barceloneta: it's clean.

So these were my tips for Barcelona. What did you do in Barcelona if you have been there too? Let me know and leave a comment. It seems like 90% of our time we spent with shopping!

I hope you liked this post and stay tuned, there are some fashion-posts to come!



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